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This interactive teen driving website provides you with specific information from preparing to drive, through the learner’s permit stage, to solo driving.

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This computer-based driver tutorial will not only help your teen become a safer driver, but it can also save you some money.

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Teaching Your Teens to Drive

Available as a DVD and workbook combination, this program consists of 13 lessons to help develop your teen's safe driving skills.

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The DVD puts your teen into 100 live-action situations – the equivalent of several years of actual driving.

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CarFit is a free educational program that offers mature drivers the opportunity to check how well your personal vehicles "fit" you. Call your nearest AAA office to schedule an appointment.


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Roadwise Review

AAA offers first home-based tool to help seniors drive safely longer.


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This one-stop online resource offers information, resources, and advice for mature drivers and their families.


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Safety Patrol Program

AAA Safety Patrol Scholarship Program

The AAA Northwest Ohio Safety Patrol Scholarship is open to any high school senior who served as a AAA School Safety Patroller in Northwest Ohio.


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AAA School Safety Patrol

Instills students with a sense of responsibility and leadership as they help create a safer pedestrian environment.


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Bike Safety

Bike Safety

Bike Basics
The AAA Guide to a Great Ride